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Cubroid - Learn Coading with Lego Like Bricks

Cubroid, the world’s easiest programming block set that allows children to explore the world of technology and gain exposure to programming! Through dynamic connective blocks and simple programming, Cubroid offers...

Docker 101-Part#1

To continue from where we left yesterday, which is, A comparsion of Dockers and Virtual Machines.

Docker V/s Virtual Machines

We’ve been seeing a lot of discussion on dockers and why to use Dockers or Containers V/s the conventional Virtual Machines? And is it really worth the move? What do...

Deep Dive to AWS Lambda Layers

AWS(Amazon Web Services) launched a feature to their existing stack as “Layers” which in-fact allows developers to create a custom runtime environment or upload their standard libraries as Layers and...

Microsoft Holo Lens at MWC 2019

Mobile World Congress is battle royal for all the tech giants bringing the best tech forward every year in Barcelona. This is one of the much-enticipated tech event apart from...

Vector-An AI Robot by Anki

Meet Vector - A Robot by Anki How about coming home to an autonomous robot sidekick waiting to greet you?

How to build your first Google Asistant skill

Thinking on creating your first Google Assistant Skill using Dialogflow?