Both experience and culture matter


Customers hire DataVizz for highly complex and innovative projects for two reasons: experienced and super-smart engineers backed by industry-specific blueprints; and a collaborative engineering culture where all team members speak the same language, share the same values, and solve problems together.

DataVizz engineers measure their success in terms of their number of successful application launches, how rapidly they roll out new features, and the availability of their systems during peak loads. We know what it takes to produce high-quality software effectively and reliably, and how to work closely with the customer to establish the right processes, measure the right KPIs, and utilize the right tools.

Pillars of application delivery

We believe that developers are responsible for shipping applications and features that are designed in accordance with proven blueprints and supportable within required SLAs; the code is well-written, covered by automated tests and reviewed by peers; and the changes have been thoroughly tested on production-like configurations and can be automatically deployed with zero downtime.



Our team has built production implementations of similar design, scale, and complexity in the past.



Our technical staff spends years mastering specific technology stacks, developing blueprints, and engaging the community.



Collaboration across project teams to deliver projects from conception to production is a cornerstone of modern software engineering.



We bring robust agile processes, CICD pipelines, QA automation, and dynamic dev/test environments to every project.



We automate everything: environment provisioning, test execution, production upgrades, and configuration management.



Software quality and reliability cannot be an afterthought. Our engineers are quality assurance experts, with a focus on automation.

Specialized technology expertise


We maintain deep specialization in several technical disciplines and strives to attract from the market, as well as develop internally, world-class talent in each of these disciplines.While we constantly evolve our core disciplines to stay with or ahead of the market, the company's technical leadership in these core disciplines is constantly on-boarding new tools and frameworks, running certification training, and formalizing new technical blueprints. As a result, we can bring a deep "bench" of specialists to every project. Below, you will find short descriptions of our core technical disciplines and their current areas of focus.


Data Management & Analytics

Data is the most valuable resource for all enterprises. When used effectively, it brings in huge business benefits. Datavizz combines its Master Data Management capabilities and diverse domain expertise to provide complete platforms to cleanse, store, and manage the quality of data permitting easy search and retrieval for appropriate interpretation.


What we offer:


Data Lakes on AWS
  • Data Movement -Import your data from on premises, and in real-time.
  • Data Lakes -Store any type of data securely, from gigabytes to exabytes.
Database Migrations
  • Oracle and SQL Server to Amazon AuroraOracle and SQL Server to Amazon Aurora
  • Cassandra and MongoDB to Amazon DynamoDB
  • Migrate On-Prem Database to the Public or Private Cloud Instances
Data Integration/ETL
  • Build & Maintain Data Pipeline using AWS Glue
  • Build & Maintain Data Pipeline with Penthao for On Premise ETL setup
  • Interactive Analysis:We can help to setup and analyze data directly in S3 and Glacier using standard SQL queries using Amazon Athena.
  • BigData Processing:For big data processing using the Spark and Hadoop frameworks, Setup and manage the Big Data setup on a public clouds
  • Real-Time Analytic:Setup and Manage real-time analytics for easy to collect, process and analyze streaming data such as IoT telemetry data, application logs, and website clickstream
  • Operational Analytics:Setup & Mange operational analytics such as application monitoring, log analytics and clickstream analytics.


Key technologies


  • Amazon Athena
  • Amazon EMR
  • Amazon RedShift
  • Amazon Kinesis
  • Amazon ElasticSearch Service
  • Kafka
  • MongoDB
  • Reddis
  • HBase
  • Pig
  • Amazon Aurora
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon Glue
  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon Data Pipeline

BI Services

The success of enterprise is measured by its revenue, profitability and the number of satisfied customers. To achieve these, enterprises need to optimize their internal (i.e. Sales, Purchase, Finance, Operations, HR, etc.) as well as external (i.e. Customers, Vendors, Partners, etc.) business transactions. Our BI solutions help you to extract real insights into your business for improving your internal & external business outcomes.


What we offer:


BI Consulting & Planning:
  • In-Stream Processing for user profile updates and discount/promotion selection
  • Integration of Hadoop with data warehouse and business intelligence systems
Data Management:
  • Reporting, aggregation, analysis and performance improvement of advertising campaigns
  • In-Stream data ingestion and aggregation of Internet adtracking events
  • In-Stream fraudulent bot detection
Information Visualization:
  • Report aggregation and business intelligence for IP-telephony on top of Hadoop
Information Delivery:
  • Deployment, monitoring, and 24x7 support of Hadoop/HBase clusters
  • Configuration of Kerberos authentication and data encryption for Hadoop clusters
Advanced Analytics:
  • Deployment, monitoring, and 24x7 support of Hadoop/HBase clusters
  • Configuration of Kerberos authentication and data encryption for Hadoop clusters


Key technologies


  • Tableau
  • PowerBI
  • AWS QuickSight
  • TensorFlow
  • Amazon Machine Learning
  • Google ML
  • Penthao
  • Mapr
  • Knime Studio

Chat & Voice Interfaces

Chatbots are taking over the world and they will fundamentally revolutionize how humans interact with the digital world. We build chatbots and voicebots, which helps businesses to stand out in the crowd.


What we offer:


ChatBot Engineering
  • We design and develop bots that aligns with the best chatbot engineering practices.
  • Integration of chatbot with various enterprise applications for seemless fullfilment.
ChatBot Training
  • Train your chatbot with the existing knowledge base which your enterprise have collected.
  • Achieve better user experience tailored to your enterprise.
VoiceUI & Conversation Design
  • Design a voice first user experience for your Application or Bot
  • Power your chatbot with a better user experience by designing a custom converation design covering all aspects.
Maintenance & Support
  • We provide Chatbot maintenance and support services that keep your chatbtos up to date with changes in this bleeding edge technology


Key technologies


  • Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Apple Home
  • AWS Lex
  • Rasa
  • WIT.AI
  • Dialogflow
  • IBM Watson
  • ManyChat
  • ChatFuel
  • Flow XO
  • LandBot

Product management and Project Delivery


As a global delivery center and serving customers all over the world, DataVizz is structured to support many flexible delivery models that can adapt to customer needs while maintaining speed and agility. We can deliver projects onshore, offshore or in a hybrid configuration to optimize cost, productivity, and collaboration. We can either bring our own program managers, project managers, and business analysts to create complete, self-sufficient teams or work as part of an integrated team with our customers’ personnel.


Self-sufficient agile teams of specialists include:
  • Program managers
  • Architects and technical leads
  • Business analysts
  • Developers
  • QA automation engineers
  • DevOps engineers
  • Experts in business application domains
Agile methodologies, practices and tools include:
  • Requirements backlog management
  • Sprint planning
  • Daily stand-ups
  • Sprint-based iterations
  • Regular demos to stakeholders
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous testing
  • Continuous delivery
Global delivery teams optimized for productivity and collaboration:
  • Cross-functional, co-located onsite teams under one roof
  • Remote offshore development teams
  • Hybrid onshore/offshore multi-site teams
  • Collaboration, communication, and performance management tools suitable for specific types of project delivery, customized to meet a specific client's needs.