serverless computing

Serverless Computing

Build & Run Applications without thinking of Infrastructure or heavy CapEx investments.

Serverless computing is the abstraction of servers, infrastructure, and operating systems. When you build serverless apps, you don’t need to provision and manage any servers, so you can take your mind off infrastructure concerns.

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CMS Hosting Deploy your website running on any CMS such as Wordpress or an eCommerce Application such as Magento can be powered with AWS's latest LightSail.

Static Hosting You can deploy your static website with near to zero cost with AWS's S3 based static hosting capabilities.

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data lake

Data Lake & Analytics

Create data lakes which can handle the scale, agiility and felexbility required to combine different types od data and analytics approcahes to gain deeper insights, in ways that traditional data silos and data warehouse cannot.

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Simplify provisioning and managing infrastructure, deploying application code, automating software release processes, and monitoring your application and infrastructure performance for your enterprise.

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Amazon QLDB is a fully managed ledger database that provides a transparent, immutable, and cryptographically verifiable transaction log ‎owned by a central trusted authority. Amazon QLDB tracks each and every application data change and maintains a complete and verifiable history of changes over time.

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Business Intelligence

Leverage software and services of various BI products to transform data into actionable intelligence that informs an organization’s strategic and tactical business decisions. BI tools access and analyze data sets and present analytical findings in reports, summaries, dashboards, graphs, charts and maps to provide users with detailed intelligence about the state of the business.

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business intelligence
chat and voice bots

Chat & Voice Bots

Create a chatbot or build automated assistants aimed at revolutionizing the way businesses interact with customers, provide automated customer support and interactive experiences through the chatbot platform.

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