Alexa SkillsVoice.WorksMay 9, 20190What all you can do with Alexa Devices?

Amazon’s Alexa has dominated the Home market with Smart Devices becoming a huge trend. Controlling your lights and appliances with just your voice is now a common thing in the households of the UK and US. Alexa is covering households like a wildfire, but the question is, where will it go next?

Well, some of the brands have been testing Amazon’s Alexa for Business Purposes too.
Let’s take a look at Alexa’s functionalities in the business areas.

1. Cafes & Restaurants

Voice-enabled restaurant cafes were just a dream a few years ago, but with Amazon’s Alexa, there is a whole new world of things that you can do. From taking orders to taking feedbacks, Alexa can automate the processes that take a lot of time and can do them in an error-free manner.

We at Datavizz have the perfect product available for Restaurants as Sonos-Dine to elevating customer experiences at restaurants.

2. Automotive Sector:

A Car is like a natural habitat for a voice assistant. We have been using headsets, Bluetooth hands-free sets to access calls while driving but Amazon’s Alexa can change the whole game as a prohibition on using phones while driving is becoming a strong law everywhere. Brands like Toyota, Lexus, Ford, Nissan, and BMW have all announced to integrate Alexa into their upcoming models. This gives a major chance to a wide scope of brands, from communication and entertainment to retailers hoping to guide drivers to close-by stores or spot arranges on the way for quicker pickup, to open administrations giving simple to-get to refreshes on traffic and street conditions.

BMW Releasing cars with in-built Alexa.

3. Office Spaces

With the launch of Alexa for Business, Amazon is making a clear play at the control of the office. Alexa brings with her a long line of connectivity and productivity skills for businesses to manage their meetings, calls, schedules, and many more daily functions. While this has been a promising start for Alexa in the office, it still faces some barriers, such as the assistant’s ability to differentiate between the user and the background voices. We hope a newer update can remove this.

Alexa for Business allows customers to set up Alexa for various errands in the office.

4. Production Areas or Factories

Voice activating factories and production processes can prove beneficial for companies, because the voice-controlled activity is hands-free working, cutting the need to multitask and making a manual, checklist, or using touchscreen devices while controlling equipment could speed up tasks, particularly when changing between device operating settings. Amazon’s Alexa can restructure a lot of processes in order to simplify things and make working in factories safer by reducing the risks of accidents caused by multitasking.

5. Hospitals and Paramedic Services

Amazon’s Alexa can prove beneficial at hospitals with medications, post-surgery care, and keeping in touch with the relatives of the patients. Again with hospital staff, the focus is on making it clearer to access information and cut time, an effect they are aiming to reinforce by using voice to enabled patient self-care.

If you’re impressed by the various uses of Amazon Alexa in business and want to give your business the touch of Voice, feel free to contact us, DataVizz – an Alexa Skill Development Company that aims to provide Voice Bot and ChatBot solutions to revolutionize the way businesses operate.


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