Alexa SkillsFeaturedVoice.WorksOctober 13, 2019What I miss at Starbucks!

Recently, Starbucks launched a series of stores in Ahmedabad. Me being an all-time coffee lover was waiting to get my hands on the coffee of Starbucks. To my surprise, the initial weeks were all packed up with people lining up for coffees and whatnot.

A few weeks later I managed my self to get down to the nearest coffee and got myself lined up for my favourite coffee and seeing the chaos around me, I started thinking about How could I decrease the queue time for a Barista which is the most time cringing thing for a barista.

Supposing a single order takes 5 minutes, where sometimes it may exceed if there is an increase in customer count because of the queue.
People are waiting there for almost 10-15 minutes normally. Let’s suppose there are 10 tables in Starbucks, and then if each customer receives their order in an average of 10 minutes it’d be of total 100 minutes.
Now, what if these 100 minutes can simply be saved with massive decrement along with increasing the customers, also not wasting time in a queue?

I believe going with Voice Assistant-Enabled devices can be transformed in many ways. Including Starbucks, let’s see how restaurants can get benefits along with this voice-enabled system.

Add Multiple Man-Less Kiosks

Kubernetes API










We can replace the amount of infrastructure the current kiosks take up and replace with Man-less Voice Assistant-enabled devices like Amazon’s Echo Dot along with a pair of Thermal printers. With one-third of the cost, you can get multiple kiosk setups with Echo Dot which would take the order from the customers and allowing the barista to manage customers better.

The resources that you spared from the orders can now be focused on creating the items which are being ordered by the customers. This means more sales and that results in higher revenue.

Adding Table wise devices for faster running orders

drinking Starbucks coffee












Another thing which I realized after all my years at drinking Starbucks coffee is that every time I needed to get myself a second cup of coffee I needed to go back and line up in the queue again and a lot of time I skipped my second cup looking at the queue at the Kiosk.

How do you solve this? Well, By keeping Voice Assistant-based devices like Amazon Echo Dot at each table. It can not take the running orders from the users and let the queue dedicated to the new customers. This would allow Barista to earn more from the users who are sitting at those tables and without adding more manpower to serve those tables.

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