SynopsisWhat Makes Us Stand Out?

It's our exclusivity!

An AnecdoteFlashback to 2018!

Here's how we were born.

We are a 3-year old company that fell in love with technology and business analytics – DataVizz is the magic that happened between the two. We have earned many names like Data Analysts, Technology Consultants, Data Visualizers, and the list goes on. Well, we like to be known as your cloud’s one-stop solution.

A few years ago, Ankit Sheth, the brain behind DataVizz, dreamt a dream of taking up the challenge of bringing all the existing solutions for Cloud-Native Development, Cloud Infrastructure, and DevOps, onto a single platform.

His idea blossomed from the need of the hour for developers who had to use multiple tools for managing data. In September 2018, DataVizz dawned, and since then, DataVizz has been making the best use of Data and Visualization.

DevOps Consulting Services Company in USA
DevOps Consulting Services & Solutionsin in USA

Why customers hire DataVizz?

We keep our best foot forward with our knowledge, expertise, and specialization.

Our engineers measure their success based on their successful application launches, time consumed for rolling out new features, and the availability of systems during peak hours. We understand what it takes to produce high-quality software effectively & reliably. Our customers trust us for highly complex and innovative projects formed on a few major reasons:

Complex problem-solving ability
Experienced engineers
Industry-specific blueprints
Collaborative engineering culture
Highly skilled team

Our Pillars of Application Delivery

We believe that developers are responsible for shipping applications and features as per proven and sustainable blueprints within required SLAs. The code is well-written, covered by automated tests, reviewed by peers, and thoroughly tested for production-like configurations. It can be automatically deployed with zero downtime.
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With experience comes perfection, and we are invariably striving to stay precise in our work in every possible way. Our team has built production implementation of similar design, scale, and complexity in the past as well.
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Specialization needs years of mastering specific technology stacks, developing blueprints, and engaging the community. We make optimal use of numerous specialization existing in our teams to deliver only the best.
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To deliver projects right from conception to production, collaboration across project teams is the cornerstone of modern software engineering. We deem collaboration to be a core part of delivering our projects the right way.
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Agility is a prerequisite for delivering projects efficiently. We leverage robust and agile processes, CI/CD pipelines, QA automation, and dynamic dev/test environments to every project.
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Automation is the key to unlock new technologies. We automate everything from environment positioning to test execution, production, upgrades, and configuration management.
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When it comes to developing software, there is no compromise in quality and reliability. Our engineers are well-groomed to assure quality while emphasizing automation.