Cloud.WorksFeaturedServerlessTechnologyMay 25, 2022DigitalOcean Launches its New Serverless Solution

The American cloud infrastructure provider DigitalOcean Holdings, Inc. announced the launch of its new serverless solution yesterday – DigitalOcean Functions.   

DigitalOcean’s aim to make cloud computing as easy as possible was inhibited by the lack of serverless computing options. To fill this gap in the product portfolio, the company acquired the serverless platform, Nimbella.   

This acquisition will bring an even easier way to build cloud apps on DigitalOcean’s platform. It will let the developers build applications without having to look into the nitty-gritty of managing the cloud infrastructure. DigitalOcean Functions shall enable cost-effective, fast, and scalable compute solutions to help small businesses build applications fast, scale automatically, and, above all, save costs effectively – all by eliminating the need to provision and maintain their servers.  

A backstory  

The chief product officer of DigitalOcean, Gabe Monroy said: “Serverless functions have been one of our most common customer requests.” Due to this, Nimbella, a leading serverless platform, was acquired last year, and continuous efforts were set forth for seamless integration into the DigialOcean cloud.   

Although Serverless is booming recently, developers, especially from small businesses & startups, fret about the extensive efforts & costs required to provision and scale their server infrastructure. According to the market review conducted by Mordor Intelligence, the Serverless Computing Market is anticipated to grow by over 23.17% (CAGR 2021 – 2026).  

As developers seek ways to simplify the process of building software, serverless development is the silver bullet that lets them write code without having to worry about the fundamental infrastructure needed to run apps.  

How did DigitalOcean change the game?  

While some developers do not mind managing their cloud infrastructure, some developers wish to focus more on products and leave the hassles of infrastructure management to someone else. Now, DigitalOcean’s Droplets offer fully-fledged virtual servers, and its app platform conveniently lets them upload application code as well as scale resources speedily and easily without the need for them to take care of the underlying infrastructure. However, it still requires them to write complete backend server applications, which contrarily would be running on a Droplet.   

To address this growing concern, DigitalOcean acquired Nimbella, which made the company a viable alternative to platforms focusing on serverless computing. Moreover, DigitalOcean is already a capable competitor to the big cloud platforms for users willing to manage their cloud infrastructures.   

DigitalOcean Functions is exceptionally positioned to address the needs of developers with unified & integrated app functions that call for on-demand functions and long-running servers, a developer console to test functions before pushing them to production, seamless DigitalOcean Managed Databases integration, and a common languages & runtime support.  

The new serverless solution is now available in all DigitalOcean data center regions as claimed in the PR released yesterday.  

Food for Thought  

DigitalOcean Functions is truly a good mix of flexibility and ease of use with a promise to boost developer productivity while reducing operational costs. The company enables a free 90,000 GB of usage per month and reasonable overaged charges. It also looks forward to adding more features to invoke and configure more use cases. This acquisition is indeed going to change the game. While you figure out this one, we have got your back. DataVizz offers serverless computing, cloud computing, data management, and voice integration services. All you need is to visit – your cloud’s one-stop solution.


by Justina Jibin

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